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(4.41) How do I decide which services or supports to ask for in my IPP to meet my objectives and achieve my goals?

(4.41) How do I decide which services or supports to ask for in my IPP to meet my objectives and achieve my goals?

Under the Lanterman Act, “services and supports for people with developmental disabilities” is broad. It includes services and supports to lessen the effects of your developmental disability and help you achieve and maintain an independent, productive, and normal life.[1]Sections 4501 and 4512(b).

Look at what you (and your family, if appropriate) want and need. The IPP can help you choose services and supports you need and prefer.

Services must be cost-effective, which means that they must meet your needs. But, if two service providers can meet your needs, the regional center may use the one that costs the least.[2]Section 4648(a)(6). All of the services and supports you will receive must be listed in your IPP.

Here are examples of services:

  • Assessment Services
  • Habilitation and training
  • Treatment and therapy intervention
  • Preventative Services
  • An array of different living arrangements
  • Community Integration
  • Employment/Day Programs
  • Counseling services
  • Advocacy
  • Family Support Services
  • Relationship services and supports
  • Emergency and crisis services
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Transportation Services
  • Facilitation/Sef-Advocacy
  • Interpreter/Translator Services

The list has ideas about what kinds of things are available. It does not include all services, but is a good starting point. the much longer list of services in the law is not an exhaustive list. So, if there is a service not listed in the law, but you think you need it order to achieve your IPP goals, the regional center must consider it.

List the things you want and need, and compare it to the list in Supplement C, which is from the Lanterman Act. Supplements I, Supplement J, and Supplement K.

There may be different services that can get the same result, so do not worry about labels. Think about what results you want from a service or support. To prepare for an IPP meeting, list your likes and dislikes, wants and needs. Then list the services you think will help you meet your needs. If assessment reports are helpful to you in identifying your needs or suggesting IPP goals or services, mention those during the meeting. If you have thought about what you need and want, and some IPP goals, write a letter to your service coordinator before your IPP meeting and tell them what goals and services you believe should be in your IPP. That way, the regional center will be more prepared to discuss these specifics during your meeting.

For services if you want to live with family, see Chapter 6. For services to support you in different living arrangements, see Chapter 7. For work, day, and leisure supports and services, see Chapter 9.

1 Sections 4501 and 4512(b).
2 Section 4648(a)(6).