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(4.13) What does it mean to “identify and build circles of support”?

(4.13) What does it mean to “identify and build circles of support”?

A “circle of support” is your family, friends and other people in your life who volunteer to meet with you regularly. Their goal is to listen to you, share their experiences, and help you become independent and involved with your community. Solving problems is easier if you know you have the support and assistance of neighbors and friends. A circle of support is one of several “natural supports” that the regional center can help you start.[1]Section 4512(f).

Natural supports are people who are part of your community. They are your family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, fellow students, and members of organizations, clubs, and civic organizations you associate with or belong to.[2]Section 4512(e).

The regional center cannot make your natural supports help you. And, they cannot stop or deny a service because a natural support could help you, unless that person agrees to help you.

1 Section 4512(f).
2 Section 4512(e).