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(4.68) Can I choose who will provide my services and supports?

(4.68) Can I choose who will provide my services and supports?

You have an important voice in choosing your service provider, but it is not up to you alone. In deciding on a service provider, the planning team, including you and your family or advocate, must consider:

  • The provider’s ability to provide quality services that will help you carry out your IPP.
  • The provider’s success in helping you achieve your IPP objectives. If the provider must be licensed, whether the provider has that license.
  • If comparable services (of equal or better quality) are available at less cost from another provider.
  • The provider that is your or your family’s choice.[1]§ 4648(a)(6).

You must be satisfied with a provider’s performance. Services cannot continue unless you and your family are satisfied and agree the services have been provided as required and you have made reasonable progress on your IPP objectives as a result.[2]§ 4648(a)(7).

The regional center may not force you to accept a provider simply because it is cheaper. It must consider all the above factors. But, you do not have a right to any provider you choose if others are available who can provide similar and equally good services at a lower cost.

1 § 4648(a)(6).
2 § 4648(a)(7).