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(4.2) What is a “person-centered” IPP meeting?

(4.2) What is a “person-centered” IPP meeting?

It is where the IPP meeting is focused on you! Your IPP should meet your needs and show your choices and preferences. This is called “person-centered.”[1]Title 17, Cal. Code Regs., section 56076(e)(9).

Person-centered planning is an approach to working toward the future you want for yourself.[2]Section 4646(a). It gives you a way to say:

  • Where you want to live and work
  • Who you want to live with
  • How and with whom you want to spend your time
  • How you want to arrange other important parts of your life[3]Sections 4501 and 4502(b)(10).

You must participate in making your IPP with your planning team so you get the services and supports you need to achieve your goals and dreams.[4]Sections 4646(a)(b) and (d) and 4512(j). It is an ongoing process, not just one meeting. And it’s all about YOU and your goals.

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