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(9.19) Who is eligible for a habilitation services program?

(9.19) Who is eligible for a habilitation services program?

You are eligible for a Habilitation Services Program if you are at least 18 years old, have a developmental disability, and have chosen these services through the IPP process.[1]Section 4852. If you are eligible, the regional center will refer you to a habilitation services provider. When you start a work activity program, you get services for up to 90 days. During this time, the program looks at your work skills and writes a report (called a “work skills evaluation report”) for the regional center. Your IPP team reviews the report and decides if the placement is appropriate.[2]Section 4853(c). The report will discuss:

  • If you can behave appropriately in the work setting.
  • If you can pay attention long enough to do paid work.
  • If you can understand simple instructions in a reasonable amount of time.
  • If you can communicate your basic needs and understand what others say.
  • Your attendance.[3]Section 4853(b)(1-5).

Your status in the program is reviewed at least once a year. The review says if you need vocational rehabilitation services, including supported employment.[4]Section 4858. But, you can ask to change your work experience or placement anytime. If a program or placement is not working for you, call for an IPP meeting to talk about changes. Regional centers must monitor, evaluate, and audit habilitation service providers. They must make sure that the program is effective by looking at the quality of the services, the protections it offers you, and if it complies with required standards.[5]Section 4856.

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