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(9.36) Can regional centers provide adult services before I have transitioned out of school?

(9.36) Can regional centers provide adult services before I have transitioned out of school?

If you are a special education student, the regional center will expect you to use the services offered by your local school district until you are 22, unless you have received a diploma or certificate of completion. Regional centers cannot purchase these services for you if you are 18-22, in special education, and have not received a diploma or certificate of completion:

  • day programs
  • vocational education
  • work services
  • independent living programs, and
  • mobility training and related transportation.[1]Section 4648.55(a).

However, the regional center may purchase these services if you meet any of the exceptions or exemptions below. You can get these services if:

  • The IPP team determines that your needs cannot be met by the educational system;
  • Your IPP team decides that the generic resources available to you through your school district are not appropriate to meet your needs (the “extraordinary circumstances” exception); or
  • You are in a paid internship program, or you are in a competitive, integrated job that is an outcome of a paid internship.[2]Section 4648.55(a)&(d).

If you are in a paid internship or competitive integrated employment, you can also continue to receive school services (if the services continue to meet your needs).[3]Section 4648.55(d)(1). Paid internship programs provided by regional centers must meet these criteria:

  1. Payment to a person participating in a paid internship must not exceed $10,400 per year.
  2. Paid internships must be in a competitive, integrated work setting.
  3. Internships must help the person to develop skills to get paid employment.
  4. Regional centers must increase awareness of the opportunity for people to participate in paid internship programs through specific outreach and at IPP meetings.[4]Section 4870.

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