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(9.8) What is supported employment?

(9.8) What is supported employment?

Supported employment is paid work in the community with ongoing support services you need to keep your job.[1]Section 4851(n) and (p). You can be hired by an employer directly, or through a supported employment program. If you contact your regional center for supported employment, they may refer you to the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).

Supported Employment Services can:

  • Develop a job for you.
  • Figure out the best kind of job for you.
  • Supervise or train you on the job, or before you get a job.
  • Give you more training and skills to adjust to your job and keep your job.
  • Give your family counseling to make sure you have the support you need for your job.
  • Advocate for you if there are problems with your employer.
  • Give you ongoing support once you get a job.[2]Section 4851(q)(1-7).

Supported Employment Services must be in your IPP or Individual Habilitation Support Plan (IHSP). (See below for information about IHSPs).

The services are paid for by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) (through the regional center) or the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).

1 Section 4851(n) and (p).
2 Section 4851(q)(1-7).