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(9.10) What are work activity programs?

(9.10) What are work activity programs?

Work activity programs provide services for adults with developmental disabilities to work. These include:

  • Community-based work activity programs certified by the DOR or accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).[1]Section 4851(e)(f) and (l).
  • Sheltered workshops (these will not be an option by the year 2025)
  • Work activity centers

Usually, sheltered workshops and work activity centers pay less than minimum wage. They may not be available because of new rules about paying people less money for the work they do. They will not be available at all starting in the year 2025. Either the regional center or the DOR pays for work activity programs.[2]Section 4867. You do not have to work in an activity center or sheltered workshop before trying something like supported employment, competitive employment, or self-employment. Tell your regional center service coordinator what your employment goal is and have it written into your IPP. Your goal will help decide what support services you need. It will also help the regional center to connect you with the right provider who can help you.

1 Section 4851(e)(f) and (l).
2 Section 4867.