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(9.20) What is an Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP)?

(9.20) What is an Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP)?

Your habilitation service provider develops an Individual Habilitation Service Plan (IHSP) for you to meet the employment goals in your IPP.[1]Section 4851(c). To develop your IHSP, your provider considers if you can:

  • Keep up the paid work for a certain amount of time
  • Maintain a certain workload
  • Keep up your attendance level
  • Behave appropriately at work[2]Section 4854.

The regional center will keep paying for habilitation services in your IHSP if:

  • You make enough progress toward your habilitation goals,
  • The regional center determines that the services are necessary for you to stay at your highest level of “vocational functioning”, or
  • The services prepare you for vocational rehabilitation services.[3]Section 4857.

Your IPP team can review your IHSP to see if the services in your program are appropriate, and if your job is appropriate.[4]Section 4854.1. If the regional center makes a decision that affects your habilitation services and you disagree, you can appeal. (See Chapter 10 about the appeal process.)

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