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(9.26) Can I get a job coach or job developer?

(9.26) Can I get a job coach or job developer?

You can get help from a job coach or a job developer to meet your work-related interests.

A job coach trains and supports you, on or off the job, so you can have success at work. Sometimes, a job coach teaches your employer or other employees how to support you. This helps you learn the job and fit into the company culture. The job coach’s goal is to develop natural supports so you can work with as little help as possible, maybe even without a coach.

A job coach is different from a job developer. A job developer helps you find or develop a job specifically for you. Good job developers constantly build relationships with new employers, and they learn which companies can offer jobs to people with disabilities.

When you start your job, you can ask for one-on-one support services from a job coach. Your coach will work with you at the workplace or off-site, but coaching services decrease over time.[1]§ 4851(s).

Or you can meet with other people at your workplace in a group setting to get coaching. The regional center or DOR will pay for one job coach for at least three consumers in a group, but not more than eight, including you.[2]§ 4851(r). Make sure the initial or ongoing services you may need to help you keep your job are listed in your IPP or IHSP.

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