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(10.6) What if something is wrong with the notice?

(10.6) What if something is wrong with the notice?

Notice problems are common. Sometimes the regional center tells you they decided to change a service, but does not send you written notice. Other times, the written notice they send is incomplete.

Here is an example of incomplete  notice:

“You have been determined to be ineligible for regional center services because you do not have a developmental disability as defined in Welfare and Institutions Code section 4512(a).”

This does not give you the information you need. It does not tell you what the law says. Most people do not know what Welfare and Institutions Code section 4512(a) says. It does not say why you do not have    a developmental disability. It does not say what the regional center used to make its decision.

Even  if  your  notice  is  incomplete,  ask  for  an  appeal  as  soon  as  possible.  This  protects  your  right  to appeal and may allow you to continue your services during  your appeal.  When  you  appeal, you  can  say  you did not get “adequate notice.” You can also file a  Section  4731 Complaint.  Ask for your  appeal right away so  your  services can  continue.  Later,  you  can  file  a complaint.

See section on 4731 Complaint and Supplement O for a 4731 Complaint.