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(10.17) What rights do I have during the appeal process?

(10.17) What rights do I have during the appeal process?

You have a right to:

  • Be at all meetings that are part of the appeal.[1]§ 4701(a)(9)
  • Give written or spoken evidence.[2]§ 4701(a)(9)
  • Have witnesses testify for you.[3]§ 4701(a)(9)
  • Cross-examine the regional center’s witnesses.[4]§ 4701(a)(9)
  • Speak for yourself at the hearing.[5]§ 4701(a)(9)
  • Have an advocate, lawyer, or someone else represent you.
    • The regional center cannot have a lawyer at an informal meeting, mediation, or hearing unless you are a lawyer or have a lawyer with you.[6]§ 4705.5
    • You must tell regional center if you are bringing a lawyer 5 days before mediation and 15 days before a hearing.[7]§ 4705.5
  • Disqualify a hearing office under certain circumstances.[8]§ 4701(a)(9)
  • Have an interpreter provide interpretation in the preferred language of you or your authorized representative.[9]§ 4701(a)(8)
  • See the regional center’s records about you and your case.[10]§ 4701(a)(8)

The regional center must give you a written explanation of your rights. They should also give you written information about where to get advocacy help, such as from your Clients’ Rights Advocate, SCDD, and Disability Rights California.[11]§ 4701(a)(5).

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