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(10.39) What happens after I file my 4731 complaint?

(10.39) What happens after I file my 4731 complaint?

After you file a 4731 Complaint, the director of the regional center (or state-operated facility) must investigate and send you a written proposal to resolve the complaint. The director must do this within 20 working days of receiving your complaint.[1]§ 4731(b).

If you do not agree with the director’s proposal, write to the Director of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) within 15 working days of receiving the regional center director’s proposal.[2]§ 4731(c). If you do not refer your complaint to DDS, the director’s proposal goes into effect 20 working days after you get it.[3]§ 4731(c).

If you write to DDS, the director of DDS must send you a decision within 45 calendar days.

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