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(10.14) How to do I file for hearing (appeal)?

(10.14) How to do I file for hearing (appeal)?

When the regional center sends you its notice of action, they must also give you the appeal forms.[1]§ 4710.5(b). If you ask to appeal in person, the person you ask must give you the appeal forms. That person must ask you if you want help filling out the form. If you do, they must help you.[2]§ 4710.5(c).

It is a crime for a regional center employee to refuse to give you the appeal forms or refuse to help you fill them out.[3]§ 4710.5(c). If the regional center will not give you written notice, you can still appeal using the “Fair Hearing Request” form. You can write on the Fair Hearing Request form that the regional center refused to give you the form or help you.

For the “Fair Hearing Request” form, click HERE. It is also available in Spanish.

IMPORTANT: These forms may change after March 1, 2023. Please check DDS’s website for the most up-to-date information. Here is a link to DDS’s website about the appeals process.

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