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(5.7) How does the SCDD operate in California?

(5.7) How does the SCDD operate in California?

The SCDD has 12 regional offices.[1]Section 4544(a). These offices were called Area Boards before, so some people still call them that. People who work in the regional offices give trainings and hold events. They can also help people who call and have questions. They have groups of self-advocates.

“Regional Advisory Committees” advise the regional offices. These regional advisory committees are the boards of directors of the regional offices.[2]Section 4544(b). They

  • advise the SCDD on the local issues and needs,
  • give information to the SCDD on making the state plan for developmental disabilities, and
  • give information for persons with developmental disabilities, their families, professional groups, and the general public to increase awareness of the state plan.[3]Section 4548.

Go to and click on “regional offices” to find your area’s office (formerly called Area Boards).

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