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(5.10) What is “People First” and how do I join?

(5.10) What is “People First” and how do I join?

People First of California is a self-advocacy organization made up of people with developmental disabilities. There is a statewide People First organization and a local chapter in most areas. People First helps people with disabilities

  • speak for themselves,
  • learn about their rights and responsibilities, and
  • solve their own problems.

People First groups are leaders in advocating for the rights of regional center clients. They also provide information and materials to help you make your own life choices. They hold events throughout the state. To find your local People First, contact:

People First of California, Inc.
P.O. Box 2223
Elk Grove, CA 95759
(916) 552-6625
Go to to send an email. You can also call Disability Rights California’s Peer Self-Advocacy program at (213) 213-8134.