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(5.5) How does Disability Rights California (DRC) protect my rights?

(5.5) How does Disability Rights California (DRC) protect my rights?

DRC’s job is to protect and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.[1]Section 4902. DRC can also give you referrals and information about other advocacy resources. To know how DRC can help you, call 800-776-5746. 

Here are ways Disability Rights California provides advocacy:

Disability Rights California’s Regional Legal Offices – DRC has six offices (Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, Los Angeles, Ontario, and San Diego) that offer many types of help. You can go to one of their training sessions, get information booklets, or call to get answers over the phone. Sometimes, a lawyer or advocate can represent you in court or at an administrative hearing. Call 800-776-5746.

Office of Clients’ Rights Advocates (OCRA) – DRC has a contract with the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS) to provide clients’ rights advocacy for regional center clients. OCRA has Clients’ Rights Advocates (called a “CRA”) for people who get services from every regional center. Your CRA can help you. They can give you information, training, and answer questions over the phone. Sometimes, OCRA’s lawyers or advocates can represent you in court or at an administrative hearing. In Northern California, call 800-390-7032; in Southern California call 866-833-6712. TTY 877-669-6023.

Disability Rights California’s Peer Self-Advocacy Unit – The Peer Self-Advocacy Unit offers support and help to people who advocate for their own rights. They share experiences and support one another. The people who work in this unit have disabilities themselves. This unit can help you learn about your rights, how disability service systems work, and how to advocate for yourself. Call 800-776-5746.

Disability Rights California’s Investigations Unit (IU) – DRC’s IU looks into reports of:

  • abuse and neglect in state hospitals and other facilities
  • abusive or negligent care
  • sexual assault
  • physical abuse or neglect
  • improper use of seclusion and restraint.

They also find and document serious, systematic abuse and neglect. For more information about IU, call 800-776-5746.

1 Section 4902.