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(8.14) What is the Community Placement Plan (CPP)?

(8.14) What is the Community Placement Plan (CPP)?

The Community Placement Plan (CPP) includes a lot of information on efforts by regional centers and the state to serve people in the community. The CPP includes information about:

  • The number of people who went into a DC and the reasons.
  • The number of people who received RRDP evaluations and the outcomes of those and whether community services and supports succeeded in helping people remain in the community, and the unmet needs of people who went into a DC.
  • Progress made in developing statewide specialty services, including community crisis options.[1]Section 4418.25.

Every year, the regional centers get additional funding to do assessments, plan programs, and provide resources, services, and supports to help people live in the community.[2]Sections 4418.25 and 4679. Regional centers decide how many people to include in the CPP each year. To learn about how well your regional center performs under the CPP, contact DDS.[3]Section 4418.25(c)&(d).

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