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(8.10) Are there other requirements if the regional center puts me in an IMD?

(8.10) Are there other requirements if the regional center puts me in an IMD?

Yes. IMD staff must help you transition back to where you lived before, or another place in the community, within the timeframes.[1]Section 4648(a)(9)(C)(v)(V) DDS must monitor IMD placements and transitions back to the community.[2]Section 4648(a)(9)(C)(vi) The regional center must tell your local Clients’ Rights Advocate (CRA) when you are admitted to an IMD, and give the CRA a copy of your comprehensive assessment and the date for your IPP meeting with 7 days’ notice.[3]Section 4648(a)(9)(C)(vii) The CRA is a staff person from Disability Rights California. If someone other than the regional center puts you in an IMD, the IMD must tell the regional center within 5 days. The regional center must do a comprehensive assessment of you within 30 days.[4]Section 4648(a)(9)(C)(viii)

Your transition to the community should be based on your IPP goals and individual needs. You should move into the least restrictive environment that preserves your rights and choices.[5]Section 4648(a)(9)(D) When you are in an IMD, you have all of your rights under the Lanterman Act, which must be posted in the IMD with simple language and pictures.[6]Section 4648(a)(9)(E)

Because an IMD is a very restrictive setting, please call Disability Rights California for help to stay out or get out of an IMD.

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