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(8.11) What is deflection?

(8.11) What is deflection?

Deflection is the process of identifying and setting up services and supports you need to stay out of an institution. There are special laws about deflection so people with developmental disabilities are not placed in a developmental center.[1]Sections 4418.7(a)-(c) and 4418.25(c). Deflection services can keep you out of an institution by:

  • Helping you stay in your current placement. For example, you could get mental health services and behavior intervention services to keep you in your living arrangement if you are going through a crisis.
  • Helping you find a different placement if you cannot stay in your current placement.
  • For children, the regional center may have to try new and creative ways to meet your family’s needs and keep the family together.[2]Section 4685(c)(2).

Deflection sometimes means you need more services. These are called supplemental services. For example, your IPP team may agree that you need more support staff.[3]Section 4648(a)(9)(C). You can get crisis intervention services in your community. If there is no way for you to stay in the community, the regional center must try to get you back to the living arrangement you choose, with all the supports you need, as soon as possible.[4]Section 4648(a)(10).

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2 Section 4685(c)(2).
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