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(8.13) What happens if I am having problems living in the community?

(8.13) What happens if I am having problems living in the community?

You may need a different living situation in the community. If you need help to find or create a better living situation so you can stay out of an institution, your local RRDP (regional resource development project) may help you. If you are at risk of being placed in a DC or Acute Crisis Unit, your regional center must notify the RRDP.[1]Section 4418.7(a)(1).

RRDPs are agencies that work with regional centers to help you by consulting with planning teams and finding the services and supports necessary for you to succeed in community living.[2]Section 4418.3(b). The RRDP looks at your situation, visits you (if appropriate), and figures out what is keeping you from integrating into the community. Then, they recommend the supports that would help you stay in your community. You should have an IPP meeting with a RRDP staff who can figure out how to meet your needs in crisis situations and in general.[3]Section 4418.7(a) & (b).

Important! If someone threatens to send you to a restrictive setting, call the RRDP and ask for an assessment. Go to the DDS website here for a list of RRDPs.

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