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(3.17) What is a service coordinator?

(3.17) What is a service coordinator?

A service coordinator is a very important person. They are your contact at the regional center, once you are eligible. They are sometimes called a case manager or social worker.

Your service coordinator helps make your IPP and finds the services your IPP says you need. These include services from the regional center and from other agencies.[1]Section 4647(a)&(b). Even if you talk to other people at the regional center, your service coordinator is the person you talk to the most.

The Lanterman Act says that you, a family member, or a conservator can do the work of a service coordinator. But, you must get approval from the regional center director. If the director approves, the regional center must give you, or the person acting as your service coordinator, with training and help.[2]Section 4647(c)&(e).

1 Section 4647(a)&(b).
2 Section 4647(c)&(e).