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(1.1) What is the Lanterman Act?

(1.1) What is the Lanterman Act?

The Lanterman Act is the California law that gives people with developmental disabilities the right to services and supports they need to live independent and normal lives. The Act is in California Welfare and Institutions Code, section 4500-4906. Whenever you see the word “section(s)” in this manual or footnotes, with no other information, it is referring to section(s) of the Lanterman Act. For section 4512(a), it means information comes from the Lanterman Act, Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4512, subsection (a). To read the Lanterman Act, click here

The Act says it is important for each person to get the services and supports that meet their needs and choices.[1] Sections 4501, 4512(b).  The Act recognizes that people with developmental disabilities may need help to live full, productive lives. 

The Legislature said:

“An array of services and supports should be established which is sufficiently complete to meet the needs and choices of each person with developmental disabilities, regardless of age or degree of disability, and at each stage of life, and to support their integration into the mainstream life of the community.” [2] Section 4501.

1  Sections 4501, 4512(b). 
2  Section 4501.