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(7.19) What if the living arrangement I want is not available?

(7.19) What if the living arrangement I want is not available?

Sometimes the living arrangement you and your planning team have agreed on is not available. This could be because (1) there is no space at the home or facility, (2) there is no one available to provide the supported living services you need, or (3) there is no adult family home available where you want to live.

If the living arrangement in your IPP is not available, regional center staff should develop the living arrangement you want. But, this may take time. You may need to move to a different living option or to a home or facility away from your home community for a time. If this happens to you, the law says you can ask your regional center to:

  • Find people or agencies to provide the services you need. This process is called a “request for proposal” (RFP).[1]Section 4648(e)(1). If the supports and services you need are unique, the RFP may say the regional center can make a special funding agreement.
  • Hire a vendor to provide the services you need. If a payment rate has not been made by DDS for the service, the regional center may negotiate a contract for the service you need for a period of time.[2]Section 4648(a)(3).
  • Provide supplemental services, including more staff beyond the service provider’s current contract, if your IPP team decides the additional services are in keeping with your IPP. More staff could help you live successfully in an available home even if that is not the home you would normally reside in.[3]Section 4648(a)(9)(F).

You should not have to go to an institution just because there is no community living arrangement available.

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