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(2.27) What can I do if the regional center says I am not eligible?

(2.27) What can I do if the regional center says I am not eligible?

You can “appeal” the regional center’s decision. An appeal is when you ask an administrative law judge to decide if you are eligible.

Appeals are complicated. You must show detailed information about your disability. You must understand the laws for your case and the deadlines.

We recommend you:

  • Contact Disability Rights California. We may not be able to be your lawyer, but we can help you with your appeal. We can explain what you need to do and suggest the best way to present your case.
  • Get a psychological evaluation from a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • Get a neuropsychological evaluation if you think you have an intellectual disability or a closely related condition or require similar treatment. A neuropsychological evaluation differs from a psychological evaluation. It uses more tests. These tests give more information about how your brain functions and how you think and process information.
  • Make copies of your school records, psychological testing, and other documents that correctly describe your abilities and disabilities.

Even if you already gave the regional center this information, you must make another set of copies for the administrative law judge.