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(2.6) How do I apply for regional center services?

(2.6) How do I apply for regional center services?

There are 21 regional centers in California. Each covers a certain area. You must apply to the center for your area. See Regional Center Listings or call:

OCRA: (800) 390-7032.

Department of Developmental Services: (916) 654-1958

Each regional center has its own application process. They need your home address to make sure you are applying to the right center. They may ask you for other personal information, have you fill out a form, or give you a meeting with someone at the regional center. Gather information to give to them, like:

  • Your school records, medical records, work history, and
  • Evaluations, assessments, and any other information that correctly describes your abilities and your disabilities.

The regional center will copy your documents. They will also ask for your written approval to contact doctors, schools, employers, and others who may have information about you. They cannot get copies of your records without your approval.

Important! Take notes. Write down the date of your first contact and first meeting with the staff. This meeting is called the intake meeting. For more information about the application process, see Chapter 3.