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(11.1) What is the DD Waiver?

(11.1) What is the DD Waiver?

The DD Waiver is the short name for the Medi‑Cal Home- and Community-Based Services Developmental Disability Waiver. The DD Waiver can pay for many home- and community-based services like:

  • Supported living services so you can live in your own home,
  • Supported employment services so you can work, and
  • Respite service for family members and other caregivers.

If your Individual Program Plan (IPP) lists services like these, they may be paid for through the DD Waiver. See Question 25 for a list of other DD Waiver services.

There are other waivers, but the DD Waiver is the most important waiver for people with developmental disabilities. It is called a “waiver” because it lets the state waive some federal rules that Medi-Cal uses. For example, the waiver “waives” income and resource rules. This means you could get Medi-Cal if you are a child and your parents have too much money. See Questions 9 and 10.