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Rights Under the Lanterman Act (RULA)

Rights Under the Lanterman Act (RULA)

This Manual has one purpose: to help you understand some of your rights as a person with developmental disabilities in California. The Manual focuses on your rights to supports and services under the Lanterman Act — your rights with the regional center and service providers. It will not answer every question you may have. But, it is a place to start.

You also have rights under other laws and service programs such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and In-Home Supportive Services. Disability Rights California has a number of publications available that will help you understand your rights and how to be a better advocate. Call us for a list at (800) 776-5746.

How to use this manual

The manual contains 11 chapters, along with supplements, that can be used separately. The chapters/supplements are listed on the left hand side on your desktop or at the bottom on mobile devices.